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About Us

In the late 1950’s Richard Merrill was asked by a Cache Valley, Utah grade school principal to make a nutritional frozen treat with milk instead of sugar water.  Richard wanted a treat that would be healthy for the students and would be enjoyed by the whole family.   He developed a delicious reduced fat ice cream bar made with real fruit and other natural flavorings.   That was the birth of the Premium Creamie.   That Original Creamie is still made today in Cache, Valley, Utah.  The Creamie is a rich, smooth, healthy, and refreshing treat that is enjoyed by all.

Today the Premium Creamie comes in many flavors:  chocolate, banana, orange, strawberry, mint dipped chocolate, cherry dipped chocolate, and vanilla dipped chocolate.   As a special seasonal treat you can get eggnog Creamie during the winter holidays.


In addition,  our Creamie family of product now includes Yogurt Creamie.   They come in the delicious flavors of  chocolate, peach, and raspberry.   With low fat grams and probiotics,  Yorgurt Creamies are another “Great for an anytime treat” for parents and children.

While Creamies has grown, both in popularity and geography,  we have not forgotten our roots.  We make a Jr. Creamie (1.75 oz’s)  especially for and sold only in schools.

We hope you enjoy the natural goodness and delicious flavor of Creamie.