How the Creamie ice cream bar was born

In the late 1950s, an ice cream company was asked by a Cache Valley, Utah grade school principal to make a nutritional frozen treat with milk instead of sugar water. The principal wanted a treat that would be healthy for the students and would be enjoyed by the whole family. 

He went to work and soon developed a delicious ice cream bar made with real fruit and other natural flavorings. Thus, the originals were born–chocolate, orange, and banana. That original Creamie is still made today in Cache, Valley, Utah. The Creamie is a rich, smooth, healthy, and refreshing treat that is enjoyed by all.

Since the 3 original flavors were introduced, other flavors have been developed and added: Strawberry, Cookies and Creamies, Root Beer Float, Mint Chocolate Dipped, Cherry Chocolate Dipped, and Vanilla Chocolate Dipped. In addition, three probiotic yogurt Creamies were created: Peach, Chocolate and Raspberry. We take great pride in producing Creamies that everyone can enjoy!

Our ultimate goal as an ice cream company is to use our product to spread peace and happiness to those around us. We hope to bring joy by giving out free Creamies to local charities and events. We love getting involved in local communities and sharing the goodness of a Creamie together.

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What is Ice Cream Overrun?

What is Ice Cream Overrun?

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The Best Healthy Ice Cream Bars-Creamies

The Best Healthy Ice Cream Bars-Creamies

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How Ice Cream is Made

How Ice Cream is Made

How Creamies Ice Cream is Made: In the video, you can see the vita-line that makes the Creamies. Each day, Creamies makes a different flavor of our ice cream bars. Before a different flavor is made we completely wash out, clean and sanitize the entire line-that way there is no possibility of cross-contamination. As you can see, the video shows the mixture...