Yogurt Creamies, the alternative to your late-night binge!

If you love tasty treats and on a diet, you’ll love the raspberry Creamie. It fits perfect with your low-calorie diet. Each bar is only 105 calories!

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raspberry ice cream flavors Creamies frozen yogurt
Raspberry low calorie ice cream frozen yogurt Creamies

How Raspberry Yogurt Fans Feel

“Raspberry yogurt absolutely yummy” – Jennifer Cunningham

“I love the raspberry yogurt flavor. It has a sweet but creamy flavor! It is the perfect flavor for a hot summer day! ?” – Kayla Hines

Raspberry Yogurt Products

The Raspberry Yogurt Creamie comes in two options. You can get it in a 6-count box or the 24-count yogurt variety box—which includes peach, chocolate and raspberry yogurt. Right now, you can buy our yogurt bars in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado. If you would like to have peach yogurt at your local grocery store, please request it from them and this will help us get it into your state and store.

healthy ice cream raspberry frozen yogurt Creamies

Nutrition Facts

healthy ice cream raspberry frozen yogurt Creamies