Costco Show

Costco Show

Costco is a great place to sample new products for free. We all love and trust Costco. Come taste our delicious, healthy ice cream bars for free! We know you will love them!

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Ogden Marathon

Ogden Marathon

Don’t miss out on getting yourself free Creamies at the Ogden Marathon! If you like running and ice cream you will love Creamies! They are the best ice cream bars!

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That authentic coconut flavor in its creamiest form😋 we love the coconut creamie here🥥 ...

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Our raspberry Creamie was one of the three Creamies that pioneered the probiotic yogurt line. Happy Pioneer Day everyone🎉 ...

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Now here is something you can go bananas for 🍌 practically a banana on a stick, well maybe a little creamier😉 ...

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🍦HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY🍦 If there is one day to eat ice cream, today is the day. Celebrate all those memories with family and friends, sunshine and warmth, by indulging yourself with a little treat😋☀️🍦 ...

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Our dipped bars are some of our fan favorites, what are some other flavors you want to see dipped? ⁠

Let us know in the captions!👇

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This summer has been as sweet as a PEACH🍑... literally. The Peach Yogurt Creamie SLAPS 😋 ...

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