Costco Show

Costco Show

Costco is a great place to sample new products for free. We all love and trust Costco. Come taste our delicious, healthy ice cream bars for free! We know you will love them!

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Ogden Marathon

Ogden Marathon

Don’t miss out on getting yourself free Creamies at the Ogden Marathon! If you like running and ice cream you will love Creamies! They are the best ice cream bars!

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What is your favorite activity to do right now while indoors? Comment below to share some ideas! ...

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While you can’t be a fan in the arena this year for March Madness, there is a bright side! You can now watch the games at home with a Creamie!
We here at Creamies are doing a “Munch Madness” giveaway for all of our followers! Our winner will receive three months worth of Creamies and a hat!! You can enter by following us on Instagram, and tagging your friends in the comments below! Each friend is an additional entry! PLUS get 10 bonus entries when you share this post on your story and tag us! Giveaway ends 3/20, so enter today!

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Happy Friday! Throw your hands in the air and eat a Creamie in honor of the weekend! ...

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Fro-Yo? Let’s go!!! Did you know that we have three Frozen Yogurt Creamies flavors for a healthy ice cream bar alternative? Rasperry, Chocolate, and Peach!!! Look for them on the shelves of your local grocery store! ...

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Happy Monday!!! We hope your weekend was as dreamy as our Root Beer Float Creamie!!! ...

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“I got this feelin’ inside my bones, it goes electric, wavy when I” eat a Creamie! 🙌🏻 🤤 ☀️ We love sponsoring events because everyone is always happy to have us!! If you have an event you would like to see us sponsor, please tag the event or message us privately! 😊
Thanks @pro_pickleball_association

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Be sure to get your loved ones the gift of Creamies this year! Your sweetheart deserves a sweet treat! ...

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