Banana Ice Cream Bar-A Sweet Original

The banana ice cream bar has been one of our fan favorites for years. It’s rare to find naturally flavored banana ice cream out there, but we’ve got you covered. It’s the perfect blend of banana and ice cream that’s refreshingly delicious!

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Creamies Banana Ice Cream Bar Lovers Say

“Creamies are simply the best in the world. I was surprised to see they aren’t worldwide, they are so good! Banana is the BEST flavor!” – Marty Breen

Creamies Banana Low-Calorie Ice Cream Bar Products

The low-calorie ice cream banana Creamie comes in three different options: the 6-count, the 24-count regular, and the 24-count variety box! It’s great news because you can find the banana Creamie in almost every state on the west coast. Punch in your address and find a Creamies distributor near you!

Nutrition Facts