Vanilla Chocolate Dipped

The Vanilla Chocolate Dipped Creamie is unforgettable and is a hidden gem among the Creamie flavors!

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Vanilla Chocolate Dipped Creamie Lovers Say

“Vanilla Dipped is divine” – Dawn Georgeson

“The vanilla dipped Creamie reminds me of my favorite treat at Disneyland! Cold vanilla ice cream with a hard outer chocolate shell. How much better can it get?!” – Kylie Christensen

Vanilla Chocolate Dipped Products

The Vanilla Chocolate Dipped comes in a 6-count box by itself. If you would like to see it in a 24-count box on its own or in a variety box with the cherry and mint, please send us a message and we will consider making that product. Right now, you can mostly find it in your Utah, and Idaho grocery stores. If you would like to have it at your local grocery store, please request it from them and this will help us get it into your state and store.

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