We are now delivering!! Creamies Ice Cream delivery!!

Hi ice cream lovers, due to demand, we are excited to announce that we are now offering ice cream delivery. We are shipping our ice cream bars across the entire United States. We are thrilled to finally provide this opportunity for those who don’t have access to Creamies ice cream bars in a grocery store near them. This is a big, new step that we are continuously working to perfect. 

Over the last several years, we have received thousands of requests that we start shipping our ice cream bars across the United States, these requests were difficult to receive because we could not complete them. One of the biggest reasons why that has been difficult until now, has been the cost. What many people don’t understand is the cost of shipping frozen goods, especially ice cream can be very expensive. Some of these expenses include: 1) dry ice, 2) packaging costs, 3) freight costs/shipping costs, 4) fulfillment centers and etc.. There are several other costs, but these are some of the main ones. After trial and error we found that we cannot ship ice cream more than 2-days–if we go any longer, we run the risk of the ice cream melting. Because we have to ship within a 2-day time frame this increases the costs depending on where you live. This brings me to the fulfillment centers. If we could hire fulfillment centers all over the country we could easily decrease a large portion of the shipping costs. Currently, we have two fulfillment centers that help us reach a little more than half the country on two-day ground shipping. If we are unable to ship 2-day ground, we have to ship by air. Shipping ice cream by air is much more expensive than ground, this is where a large portion of shipping costs come from. We are excited because we are not far away from being able to ship by 2-day ground to the entire continental United States. All we pretty much need is one more fulfillment center in the north east– we are hoping that comes within the year. Once we get there, it will only cost on average around $15-$20 to have our ice cream shipped to anyone in the continental United States. This is a huge deal that many people are already excited about. 

For those who don’t know about Creamies ice cream, we are from Utah and have been making ice cream bars since the 1950’s. Our ice cream bars are the number 1 seller in our region. People who know our bars love them, some obsess over them. The reason why people love them so much is because they are not only delicious, they are also a healthier option to other ice cream and dessert brands. Our ice cream bars are very creamy, we truly do back up the name. They are made with real fruit/ingredients, gluten-free and are lower-calorie. Our bars also come with no air, most ice cream brands put 50% air in their ice cream–we don’t. You get your money’s worth.

If you don’t want to risk getting sick by sharing your ice cream out of a tub with someone else, our bars are a good option for that as well. Each bar come pre-packaged in plastic wrapping, that way you don’ have to worry about sharing germs. 

Again, we are thrilled to offer ice cream delivery. We know that those who love Creamies are very excited about this and are already re-ordering our ice cream bars online. If you haven’t tried our bars or this service, you should! You will love our bars! If you are a Creamies fan, please share this information with everyone you know. Thank you! 

Ice Cream Delivery