Ice Cream Overrun: The Invisible Ingredient that You Should Know About!

Does it annoy you how some ice creams melt so quickly? When looking at a carton of ice cream, one of the main ingredients you do not see is ice cream overrun. According to the American Chemical Society, most ice cream is made up of 30%-50% air content on average. That is a large amount that seems unfair for the price. It’s kind of like when you buy a bag of chips and half of the package content is air. It’s disappointing and you feel a little ripped off. And with U.S. citizens consuming 1.5 trillion gallons of ice cream a year, which roughly comes out of five gallons per person, Americans may be being ripped off. However, there is good news, Creamies are 100% ice cream with no air added to the ingredients, making it a product that keeps all of its promises and delivers more than the standard. Creamies do not have that common ingredient and packs in the ice cream while maintaining that delicious taste that is beloved by many. Creamies take the higher road and maintain the delicious quality that is expected and is excellent for the individuals who enjoy it. This makes it a great product for you, your family and friends to enjoy as a premium brand that gives more than the competition.

The Benefits of Not Having Ice Cream Overrun

The quality that Creamies maintains without having this invisible ingredient is important. As an ice cream bar, the lack of air (overrun) performs important roles in maintaining quality. First, it keeps the ice cream bars from melting. Creamies take a longer period of time to melt than almost any other type of ice cream. With this in mind, you can keep Creamies out longer and you, your kids and friends can enjoy them for a greater length of time without worrying that they will melt. Don’t believe us? Go try a Creamie! This also makes it ideal for centerpieces or cute designs you can make out of Creamies so you can create that Pinterest worthy product. It allows you to express creativity and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about your product falling apart. Creamies keep their shape and are an excellent option for groups of people, family gatherings, or just a night in. Creamies can make your party or next event easier with less cleanup and less potential for disaster. A party itself is amazing but maintaining the quality and excellence of the dessert by keeping it from melting will make your party a hit. Once I had a friend who went on a hike that lasted for about 30-45 minutes and to her disbelief, the Creamies had not melted.  That is because Creamies has no air in it. They kept their shape and were perfect for her photo op with a beautiful sunset. They were also a fun treat she could share with her friends who were with her. Creamies maintain their form very well because they do not contain this hidden ingredient. Do you know how in movies you see a kid’s ice cream bar fall of the stick or cone? That will not happen with Creamies. Creamies maintain their shape because they do not melt and they keep their integrity and structure for the crafts and displays you may want to make with Creamies. They’ll maintain that Pinterest style look that everyone wants for events, parties, or maybe even a special occasion for your significant other. Creamies are not going to ruin these special occasions by making a mess everywhere and falling apart. The really cool thing about Creamies is that they are a unique product because no corners are cut in production. As a premium ice cream bar, Creamies are a fun and exciting product that you and your little ones can enjoy carefree without worrying about a mess. We all know parents don’t like to clean up messes. A good dessert can put the cherry on top of an event for you, your friends, and your families. Frequently we are excited for the end of the meal because we have to save room for dessert. Let Creamies be that dessert; they are not messy, delicious, healthy, smooth, extremely creamy and do not contain that hidden ingredient that most ice creams rely on: air. These are just a few of the reasons why you should pick Creamies. We know you will love them!