Why Creamies frozen yogurt and ice cream bars can mean I love you! 

We get it. Eating Creamies ice cream bars is not quite as romantic as sharing a piece of cheesecake or Crème Brulee. If Valentine’s Day is for lovers, why would you have your dessert of choice be a chocolate flavored Creamies ice cream bar? Is it possible that eating a Creamie on Valentine’s really does show love?

We would argue yes.

Let us tell you—First and foremost, according to abc.com, the average amount of money spent in the United States on Valentine’s Day is $18.2 billion. That’s $136.57 per person, on average. That cheesecake will cost you somewhere from $7-$20 for a one-time experience. Creamies ice cream bars cost you $3 tops for a six-pack to be enjoyed later (assuming you didn’t eat them all.) That means Valentine’s Day can extend into two more days.

Creamies are a delicious, healthy ice cream treat! 

Second, we all know there’s nothing worse than being so full you can hardly move. Chances are you’re going to eat a whole ton of food for Valentine’s dinner, then add a big dessert on top. That can really put you over the edge. Creamies are healthy ice cream bars that only contain about 120 calories, depending on the ice cream flavor. With its small, convenient yet refreshing size, it leaves you feeling satisfied and not too full.

Creamies are timeless! 

Third, for most people, Creamies means tradition and memories. It’s comfort food. It does mean love. With the 12 ice cream flavors, it reminds us of being young, which means it’s great for creating new memories too. Whether you’re celebrating your first Valentines as a couple or your 60th, it’s never too late to start a tradition sharing a loved Creamie with a loved one.

So after all, maybe Creamies aren’t the epitome of romance, but it’s a delicious, economical, healthy way to share a dessert on Valentine’s Day this year.