How Creamies Ice Cream is Made: In the video, you can see the vita-line that makes the Creamies. Each day, Creamies makes a different flavor of our ice cream bars. Before a different flavor is made we completely wash out, clean and sanitize the entire line-that way there is no possibility of cross-contamination.

As you can see, the video shows the mixture being poured into the mold, the mold is the exact shape of the Creamies ice cream bars. From there they start the process of being frozen at -42 degrees. The process takes about 10 minutes for the entire Creamies to go from liquid, completely frozen, and then wrapped at the back of the line.

As we continue down the line you can see that the Creamies are being frozen from the outside in. This makes it possible for the sticks to be pushed into the bars–after, the bars continue to freeze and then they are dipped into a cold water bath at around 70 degrees, this make it easy for us to pull them out of the mold. Once they are pulled out they continue to freeze and are placed ito their plastic film packaging.

Once they are placed into the film they continue down the line through a medal detector to make sure they edible and ready to be shipped. From there they are placed into a box and taken to the freezer and wait to be shipped. While making their way to the retailers DC, Creamies are never exposed to a temprature above 10 degrees. That way, they will always be in the best condition when the retailer receives them.

We hope that everyone enjoys the video and will get a better understanding of how Creamies are made. We enjoy making them. Ourselves and anyone that enjoys Creamies owes a huge thanks to Craig Earl-he has been making Creamies ice cream bars for around 40 years. And of course we are very grateful to all of our Creamie fans out there. We would not exist without you. We appreciate that you continue to buy them and hope that the tradition of Creamies will live on for years to come.

Our goal is to deliver a delicious ice cream bar that is healthy, tasty and especially creamy. Our bars are gluten-free ice cream, lower-calorie ice cream, and made with real ingredients. For those who don’t know, we have 12 ice cream flavors-so the next yime you’re at the grocery store, try a new flavor.