Creamies Delicious, Healthy Ice Cream Bars

Why you should pick us over them: In the video you can see why Creamies healthy ice cream bars are a great option compared to our competition. Here I will go into more depth and explain in more detail as to why we are better.

First: Did you know that most companies put air into their ice cream? If you did, you are among the few. Some of the reasons companies put air into their ice cream is mostly for appearance and to save on cost. Air gives the impression that the ice cream is bigger than it actually is. It’s purpose is to give the ice cream more volume and look bigger and more fluffy. That way the consumer is fooled into thinking they are getting more, when in reality they are getting less. The more air that is in the product, the less quality it is. Some of the larger brands such as Nestle contain a large amount of air. While they falsy appear to look big and Creamy-you are saving them on costs, and they are taking your money. People ask us all the time why Creamies take longer to melt than everyone else-that is because we contain 0 percent overrun or 0 percent air. With Creamies healthy ice cream bars you are a getting a quality ice cream bar for a great value. Here is a tip the next time you go to purchase ice cream. One quick way to measure the air and quality when at the store is to feel the difference in weight in the different brands. For example, even though Creamies comes in a smaller box than most of our competition, we weigh more because we put no air in our product. That is a good signal that one brand is better than the other.

Second: We understand the importance for the consumer to find the balance between taste and health. We know that a lot of the time when shopping most people are looking for what’s on deal and what is the most popular. If you care about what your kids eat, you should consider looking at the ingredients before you purchase some of the different ice cream brands. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce or spell an ingredient in the product, you probably shouldn’t buy it. If you do your research you would be astonished on what some of these brands put in their product. So the next time you are in the store, take a quick glance at the different ingredients. Remember, less is more when it comes to ice cream ingredients and being healthy. We are happy to say that at Creamies we do focus on putting less, crazy ingredients and focus on putting ingredients that are healthier for you are your family. We are tasty and more healthy. Almost all of our ice cream bars are made with real ingredients. You don’t need to worry about feeding your kids chemicals, but rather they can continue to enjoy eating Creamies. Not only are we delicious, but we’re genuinely super Creamy.

Third: We are gluten-free. With the demand for gluten rising we are happy to say that 11 0f our 12 ice cream bars contain no gluten. We understand that there is a huge market for those who need gluten-free desserts. Those who cannot eat gluten are often disappointed because most desserts contain it. Even many ice cram bars contain gluten-such as ice cream sandwhiches, or ice cream cones. Those with celiac disease want to enjoy treats too, and we are happy that we provide  healthy ice cream bars for them to eat.

Fourth: Almost all of our ice cream bars are made with real ingredients. Instead of getting knock off or pour ingredients, we make our ice cream bars with quality ingredients for you to enjoy. When eating our bars we want you to know that our strawberry ice cream bars are made with real strawberries. If you have never tried our bars, you should. We promise you will enjoy them!

Fifth: We are lower calorie. You will also find that comparatively Creamies contain less calories than your average ice cream bar and dessert. You will not find one of our healthy ice cream bars above 170 calories–most other company’s bars are above 200. Our bars range from 102-169 calories. So don’t feel bad about eating 1-3 at time-you’ll be glad you did.

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We hope you enjoy them!


Creamies healthy ice cream bars!